Monday, October 1, 2007

Another... watercolor?

Achilles and Patroclus

This piece was inspired by Book 16 of the Iliad, where Achilles sends Patroclus out to battle in his place, then prays to Zeus for his safe return. This of course doesn't happen. Patroclus is wounded first by a spear between the shoulder blades, then another from Hector, straight through his gut and out the back.

Flying free of his limbs
his soul went winging down to the House of Death,
wailing his fate, leaving his manhood far behind,
his youth and supple strength. But glorious Hector
taunted Patroclus' body, dead as he was, "Why, Patroclus--
why prophesy my doom, my sudden death? Who knows?--
Achilles the son of sleek-haired Thetis may outrace me--
struck by
my spear first -- and gasp away his life!"

(Robert Fagles translation)

Copic multiliner, white ink, watercolor.

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