Saturday, October 13, 2007

Woohoo, Carpal Tunnel!

Been busy with some interviews and freelance projects, but I'm itching to be more busy! Gotta keep working at getting my portfolio out there...

I plan on resuming Unholy in the very, very near future. I'm just waiting for my chance to get off this seven-year-old computer that can't quite handle the files. Until then, I am holding off my urge to work on it by doing some Unholy-themed illustration. I had lots of fun with this one; it was somehow very therapeutic.

And some detail shots!

You can purchase this, and two dozen or so other pieces, as prints!

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captain brushpen said...

Wowiiiiiee. Is that Painter? Really, really nice work. I like the detailed shots more than the whole piece, both for composition and sense of space. Love character design.