Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few sketches from last weekend

Just a few sketches from Labor Day weekend. I went to Sarasota and got to see my awesome friends who are still down south. (Best weekend ever!) It's always great being around people who inspire you to keep making artwork, despite any kind of grueling daily routine that may get in the way.

Concept sketch for Unholy. I'm working on redesigning the environment, this being Remi's church (disguised as a supermarket).

I hadn't drawn Annie for awhile, so I figured I'd do a quick little sketch of her and Pogo. She's one of the few thieves who outrank him in terms of skill!

And a random little thing I scribbled while waiting to board the plane back to Chicago. Because who wouldn't want a giant flying ferret that they could take with them to the beach?

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